Practice Management Software/EMR

MOS is a proud Channel Partner with Harris CareTracker. We and our clients have great success with Harris CareTracker in reducing claim errors and denials, providing prompt claim submissions to payers and reducing days in accounts receivable, resulting in more reimbursement quickly. Our practice management/EMR software includes a variety of tools to help your practice be more efficiently organized with practical day-to-day patient care management:

  • SCHEDULING – State-of-the-art advanced patient scheduling system, including auto patient appointment reminders via telephone or email.
  • MISSED APPOINTMENTS – Not a problem! Our system will auto generate letters to your patients asking them to follow up promptly.
  • CHRONIC CARE MANAGEMENT – Has your patient not been seen in a while? Our system will locate those patients and auto generate letters to be mailed.
  • PATIENT PAYMENTS – Our improved transaction processing software decreases the need for credit card transactions through a nonintegrated termination. With CareTracker, credit card transactions are run within the system at the time of service and, upon approval, the system will post the payment immediately.
  • EMR – Cloud-based technology for electronic medical records that can be accessed online, including from your mobile device. The EMR is built within the same platform as the practice management software, ultimately reducing the need to sign on multiple times for multiple screen displays and vital patient information.
  • PATIENT MANAGEMENT – With the evolving need for immediate patient record access, it is vital to have access at your fingertips. Do you have difficulty managing patient compliance of chronic conditions? Not a problem! Our system can identify those patients and send automated reminders asking your patient to contact your office for an appointment.
  • MEANINGFUL USE – Our EMR system has been successfully helping our clients to meet the meaningful use requirements and receive incentive payments with ease and little difficulty.
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