Services Overview

MOS approaches each partnership with a personalized professional talent that fits the needs of our client. With MOS, you get experienced, certified and transparent professionals who handle every aspect of your revenue cycle. Your designated customer service representative will work closely with you, ensuring quick, appropriate and efficient collections of your accounts receivables. We also work closely with your payers to ensure you are afforded the maximum allowable reimbursement available to your organization.

Coding Compliance Audit

All clients receive a medical documentation and coding compliance audit annually by a certified medical auditor.

Provider and Administrative Staff Education

MOS provides education to both providers and administrative staff to strengthen and improve reimbursement opportunities.

Fee Schedule Audit

MOS audits fee schedules annually to ensure that charges and payer allowable are appropriate charge to reimbursement ratio.

Charge Master

We annually audit charge masters against payer allowable to identify appropriate charge vs reimbursement.

Medical Coding

Our USA based medical coding specialists are certified and experienced. MOS will quickly and efficiently reduce medical coding backlogs, provide feedback when necessary and perform ongoing audits to ensure compliance.

Financial Reporting

Our financial reporting is customized for each client. Based on the specific and delicate need for appropriate and accurate financial reports, MOS’ expert team can custom fit reports to meet the demands where critical information is vital to our clients.

Patient Collections

We customize the patient collection process to fit the need of your practice. We manage soft collections in house by making the patient/client relationship a priority and working closely with the patients on getting a solution that meets the need of the client as well as the financial ability of the patient, until the balance is paid in full.

Documentation Compliance

Our certified medical auditor team will provide feedback to providers on documentation requirements ensuring the providers are knowledgeable and have appropriate up-to-date information.

Coding Compliance and Regulations

Our certified team of coders and medical auditors allows documentation to be reviewed and assessed for appropriate code assignment prior to submitting the claim to the responsible party for reimbursement. This reduces the chance of inappropriate denials.

Payer Credentialing

At MOS we understand the complexity surrounding credentialing and how critical it is for healthcare organizations to get it right, the first time. We take care of the immense burden of application completion, eliminate the confusion between healthcare organizations and insurance companies and follow the application through completion. With MOS you get experienced and transparent professionals who handle the delicate process of payer credentialing and fee schedule assisgnment. We work closely with the payers to ensure you are afforded the maximum allowable reimbursement available to your organization.

Full Revenue Cycle Management

98% of our claims get paid the first time through with simplified automated billing solutions for any healthcare practice. Our commitment is assisting our clients with workflow solutions, provider education and insurance regulations regarding appropriate coding and billing by taking on these complex challenges allowing healthcare providers to focus on patient care with confidence they will be reimbursed appropriately and timely. With MOS, you get experienced and certified professionals who will handle all aspects of your revenue cycle including denial management and patient collections.